Principal's Message

Principal’s Message


Dear Students, One of the fundamental purposes of education is to develop young people with core skills and competencies that relate not only to the world in which they are living but also to the future world in which they will live. We are therefore keen to expose our learners to unseen and vincible areas of knowledge and wisdom. We are living in a time of unequaled global collaboration. New technologies make it possible for individuals to work together and share ideas and insights in, ways which were unimaginable a decade ago.

We at the school opine that competition is not as important as co-operation. We encourage the experimental mindset and foster thinking –out –of – the –box. Learning to co-exist is the prime feature to prepare students to create a tolerant world. Therefore teachers and students are given a great deal of latitude to test innovative approaches to teaching and learning. Joy and play are a part of our curriculum. The students are groomed to have bright futures, tailored to their strengths and weaknesses. The interdisciplinary form of associated teaching and learning is encouraged.
The school envisions and believes in the policy of women empowerment, basically starting from exempting admission fees to girl students. We know that educating boys and girls is morally right. But educating girls is especially effective because when we educate them, the benefits are felt throughout the whole community. It’s a magic multiplier in the development equation.


The education essentials of literacy and numeracy are well catered for producing technopreneurs of wisdom. Olympiads held in the school premises help the students to get ready for facing the inter-state and inter country-level assessments; The school feels pride in inculcating the attitude of gratitude amongst students wherein a sublime feeling develops a study culture which leads to a good work culture and ethics.


We promise to walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the planners, the doors with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground. We let their spirit ignite a fire within them to leave this world better than when they discovered it.

Wishing the Journey of this academic session leads you to create milestones towards the pinnacle of success.

I wish the parents and students good luck in making our aims and ideals come true.

Good wishes and good luck to all of you.

Ms. Sangeeta Rekhi
Radha Govind Public School, Meerut