Mrs Sangeeta Kashyap

Dear parents

I find each day filled with adventure, new experiences, learning for all and a chance to constantly widen the horizon. I have always admired the lines dialogued by the great philosopher, Socrates. He said 'I cannot teach anybody anything I can only make them think'

Open mindedness , multicultural orientation, independence ,a global Outlook ,multiple intelligence and abilities are the premium quality vital today . Heading towards new dawn this school desires to set an approach to learning ,that incorporates enquiry, research ,analytical thinking and an ethical approach to become a lifelong convention of our students.

The tiny step of kidos is one giant step leapt forward where the child embarks on a great adventure of discovery for the new world, to scale its depth within.

As we hold the little finger and guide the young buds forward, we register our responsibilities and liabilities of nurturing their idiosyncracy igniting their mind to explore sky , helping them to discover the realm of books richness of life episodes and master the magic of technology to truimph limitless knowledge of cyberspace.

The students are helped to focus, induce confidence and nurture sense of social and environmental responsibility through academic and co curricular activities .

We are working towards holistic development of our students by providing them the tools and familarity that encourages their originating, empowering minds so as to afflict competency in them to held their head high without fear.

We foster a positivity and a belief in our students and create a mileau that sustains excellence. I extend my gratitude to a committed and supportive management, dedicated team of teachers, caring and cooperative parents and our beautiful , blooming, smiling souls `OUR STUDENTS`, . Together we can chisel persona of our future leaders and give them deserving future era I wish all the best to our students and staff members for the new beginning of discovering, leading to reach greater heights. Let`s have a conviction in each other, be a goal digger, and direct the thoughts of our youth to make the difference together.